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DIY Halloween Skull String Lights in Rose Gold

DIY Halloween Skull String Lights | Fish & Bull

Between summer and now, it seems like there’s never enough time to get ready for Halloween! Where did the time go? It’s always a last minute scramble to get all the pumpkins carved and a Halloween costume put together that looks half way decent. These DIY Halloween skull string lights (in rose gold!) are really easy to make so you can actually enjoy the holiday fun and quit stressing!
If you missed it, I also shared cosmic pumpkins on Brit + Co you can make in a hurry. These skull string lights are perfect if, like me, you’re a total wuss for horror movies and you don’t like decor dipped in fake blood or something equally creepy. The rose gold spray paint is also a really pretty metallic, you might even “forget” taking these lights down after Halloween.


— plastic skulls
— string lights
— spray paint in rose gold
— x-acto knife
— straws
— paper cup

DIY Skull Halloween String Lights | Fish & Bull


  1. Use your x-acto knife to cut a small diamond or square into the top of a plastic skull.
  2. Once you have the correct size hole that fits the string lights, continue cutting diamonds or square holes into all of your plastic skulls.
  3. To spray paint the skull, stick a straw or another disposable stick into the hole. Use rose gold spray paint or any color you prefer and spray away!
  4. Stick all the straws with the attached skulls in a plastic cup to dry.
  5. Once the paint is dry, stick a string light in each skull and hang it up to display.

DIY Halloween Skull String Lights | Fish & Bull

When cutting holes in the plastic skulls, make sure that the string light can fit inside by testing one first.

DIY Halloween Skull String Lights | Fish & Bull

I used rose gold in the Krylon brand for a warm metallic color.

DIY Halloween Skull String Lights | Fish & Bull

Now you have Halloween string lights for a spooky good time!

DIY Halloween Skull String Lights | Fish & Bull

DIY Halloween Skull String Lights | Fish & Bull

Happy Halloween friends!


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