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DIY fruity print Moleskine

DIYFruityPrintMoleskineBeing a crafter and new blogger is a messy disorganized process so moleskines (or any notebooks) are essential for keeping me sane. In today’s DIY, I’m adding fruity summer prints to my plain ol’ moleskin.

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You might have heard about Moleskines? Picasso used similar notebooks, they are high-quality, durable and a bit expensive. That’s why I buy a plain set of 3 at my local art store which you can buy here for even cheaper: Moleskine Cahier Journal (Set of 3).

To make a fruity print, I used the same linoblock method used here on my DIY pillows and leftover acrylic paint which creates an imperfect print. For a more solid graphic print, use screenprinting ink. Linoblock is basically creating a rubber stamp and it’s so easy, you’ll be dreaming of making stamps in your sleep. It’s that addictive. DIYFruityPrintMoleskineMaterials

+ Linoleum block
+ Lino carver
+ Rubber brayer or paintbrush
+ Acrylic paint (thick consistency) or screenprinting ink
+ Moleskine with paper cover


1. Sketch your design on your lino block. Using your lino carver, create the stamp by carving around the image you’d like to keep. Always point the carving tool away from yourself while carving.

2. Trim off the excess linoleum around the stamp.

3. Apply paint to the stamp, with a rubber brayer or paintbrush. Make sure it is evenly applied and wipe off paint outside of the stamp.

4. Apply to cover, press firmly and let dry. Enjoy your new books!

DIYFruityPrintMoleskineDIY Fruity Print Moleskine

4 thoughts on “DIY fruity print Moleskine

  1. Emily

    This is such a great idea! I absolutely LOVE the pineapple ones and I will be making these for sure. I’ve included your post in my Five on Friday roundup today. Have a great weekend!

    1. Anusha Post author

      Thanks Emily, I’m glad you’re a pineapple lover too! Love your blog and the roundup this week.

  2. Hannah

    So adorable! I’ve been looking for a way to stamp some fun patterns on plain dish towels, and I think this might be the perfect method. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    xx Hannah //


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