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DIY Cheesy Pizza Ornament for Christmas

DIY Cheesy Pizza Ornament for Christmas | Fish & BullIt’s the MOST wonderful time of the year! Our Christmas tree is lit, there’s a carton of eggnog in the fridge and our tiny apartment is filled with holiday spirit. I hope you’re getting in the spirit of things too and staying toasty warm! For about three years it’s been our annual tradition to DIY our own ornaments because hello, it’s so much fun and every ornament feels more personalized and special this way. This year, I’ll show you how to make your own DIY cheesy pizza ornament for Christmas. Who doesn’t love a cheese slice?!

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DIY Cheesy Pizza Ornament for Christmas | Fish & BullThe great thing about DIY ornaments is you can use a million different materials including things you have lying around the house. But for our DIY cheesy pizza ornament we used oven-bake clay and paint — those are the basics. Let’s get making!

— oven bake clay
— acrylic paint
— paintbrush
— x-acto knife
— wax paper
— baking tray
— rolling pin
— high gloss sealer (optional)

DIY Cheesy Pizza Ornament for Christmas | Fish & Bull


  1. Take a ball of clay and on a sheet of wax paper, use a rolling pin to roll the clay flat to about 1/4 inch thickness.
  2. With an x-acto knife, cut a simple triangle piece or pizza slice shape out of your clay. Poke a hole through the top to add string.
  3. Add a pizza crust by rolling a clay log and pressing it into the top of your triangle.
  4. To add drippy cheese to your pizza, roll a small piece of clay and press the top into the side of the pizza, near the bottom. Gently smooth, shape and pull the “cheesy” clay to look like it’s really melting.
  5. Add clay “toppings” to your triangle slice.
  6. Preheat the oven according the clay package instructions (usually it’s 275º F for 10 minutes). Place your pizza on a baking tray and let it bake
  7. Once it’s cooled off, paint your pizza slice, starting with the dough, the crust and finally, paint the pizza toppings.
  8. Optional: Add a final coat of high gloss sealer to keep your ornament shiny for years to come.
  9. Finally add string to your ornament and hang on your tree.

DIY Cheesy Pizza Ornament for Christmas | Fish & Bull

Roll the clay flat just like a piece of dough and you can easily slice through the clay with an x-acto knife. Watch your fingers!

DIY Cheesy Pizza Ornament for Christmas | Fish & Bull

Using extra clay, you can add all sorts of “toppings” to your pizza or keep it simple like I did, with pepperoni, green peppers and olives.

DIY Cheesy Pizza Ornament for Christmas | Fish & Bull

Festive and playful! These make great gifts for your friends, pizza lovers and foodies in your life.

DIY Cheesy Pizza Ornament for Christmas | Fish & Bull

Remember to check out the Fish & Bull shop for handmade Christmas ornaments like this pizza one available for a limited time. We’re only making a small batch and then closing up shop for the holidays. I’m suddenly feeling very hungry, maybe it’s the pretty pizza?! Happy Holidays!



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