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Craft Haul #3 | Ikea Paper Shop Edition

Craft Haul # 3 | Ikea Paper Shop edition

If you follow me on Instagram already, you know that I made a trip to Ikea a few weeks ago and picked up a Kallax shelf for all the DIY craft supplies that I’ve collected over time. Actually I drove by myself, got lost on the way, had to drive back home and then made a second trip with Michael where I made it to Ikea but that’s not the point.

Of course when you go to Ikea, you can never leave with just one thing! Did you know they have a Stationery + Paper Goods section now? Yup, you can now buy gift wrap, ribbons, notebooks, post-it notes….the list continues. They also have different color combinations if you’re not into pink. SO I may have bought a few non-essentials for the third installation of Craft Haul (parts 1 and 2 here).

Craft Haul # 3 | Ikea Paper Shop editionGift Wrap RollArrow Paper Clips / Notebooks

Craft Haul # 3 | Ikea Paper Shop editionHere’s the Kallax that has been very useful in organizing my colorful props and crafty supplies. Have a great week friends!

Craft Haul # 3 | Ikea Paper Shop edition

*This post is NOT sponsored by Ikea, I just want to share where to buy cute stationery!


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