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DIY Flamingo Drink Tags on Brit + Co

July 19, 2016

DIY Flamingo Drink Tags on Brit + Co

Flamingos are definitely IN this season from home decor to fun accessories to party decor — these pink feathered friends are all over the place! I, for one, am loving this tropical bird trend popping up everywhere so I made super simple DIY Flamingo Drink Tags for Brit + Co to get ready for all those backyard BBQs and pool parties that we’re sure to have. It just takes a few things you can find at the dollar store to make personalized drink tags for all your flamingo-loving pals. Honestly so easy! Head over to Brit + Co now to get the party started.


DIY / Drinks

DIY Beer Tasting Flight Tray on Brit + Co

June 30, 2016

DIY Beer Tasting Flight Tray on Brit + Co | Fish & Bull

Is there anyone else harder to shop for than Dads?! I’m always wracking my brain trying to be real creative with my Father’s Day gift but then I settle for a case of beer and a card. I know, groundbreaking stuff! This year is different because I’ve been wanting to make a beer tasting flight tray for awhile so I shared how I did it on Brit + Co. I’m not a huge beer drinker but on a hot summer day like today, a flight of cold beer sounds good to me! Head over to Brit + Co for more on how you can make your own DIY beer tasting flight tray. Cheers!



Hot Buttered Rum

October 28, 2015

Hot Buttered Rum | Fish & BullIt’s been a little rainy and grey around these parts so I’ve been looking for a warm cozy cocktail to enjoy this fall season. We recently got into hot toddies and I didn’t get the idea of warm alcohol until I tried it! So when I heard of Hot Buttered Rum I knew it was a must try. I mean that name alone sounds like a soothing cuppa warmth!

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