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A DIY Christmas tradition

Christmas TraditionsThe holidays are in full swing – our Christmas tree is up, the lights are on and the eggnog is flowing. Hooray! During the Christmas season, I’ve been thinking about finding time to create fun traditions when there are so many demands on your time. Traditions just have a way of making everything a little more special like an inside joke. On that note, our tradition is to DIY our own ornaments. I know how hard it can be to DIY, draw, paint or create when you work full-time. It’s soo hard to muster up the energy after a long day. Been there, done that! If you want to be more creative, working a DIY ornament project into your annual Christmas traditions is an easy way to stretch those crafty muscles!

This year M and I made space ornaments (or he made most of them and I was sick while watching Netflix) – we saw blank white ornaments and M immediately thought of creating our solar system. Now that the planets are on our tree, they look so playful and magical with twinkling lights surrounding them! Our ornaments from last year were made from two materials – oven-bake clay and acrylic paint. Easy-peasy. It was so much fun to think of ideas that represented our year and our relationship. I’m not gonna lie, I made a lot of random ornaments of my favorite foods.

ornaments7If you’ve always wanted to try a DIY project but are nervous about your skills, making your own ornaments are a fun way to give it a shot. You’ll have so much fun making personalized ornaments that remind you of something special from that year and you can keep adding to your collection with each year. They don’t have to look perfect either – that’s the charm of a handmade ornament!




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