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DIY Scandinavian Style Wreath

DIY Scandinavian Style Wreath | Fish & BullHoliday decorating never ends for me – I keep adding just one more thing because everything is so shiny and pretty and calls out to me! But this may be my last holiday DIY of the year and it’s a good thing because it’s also our favorite one. Seriously if you’re frazzled during the holidays and need a quick and easy holiday project, this DIY Scandinavian Style Wreath is THE ONE!

We’re hosting two Christmas dinners this year (ahhhh!) so I knew I wanted more decor than just our tree – enter the wreath, a holiday staple. But the thing is I’ve seen enough traditional wreaths to last me a lifetime. They’re big and bulky and a little too over-the-top for our easy style. I’m all about holiday decor that fits our fun and colorful vibe like this DIY I made this year. But this wreath is my favorite because it perfectly balances fresh greenery and bright colors for a fresh new spin on an old classic.

DIY Scandinavian Style Wreath | Fish & Bull

This wreath was dirt cheap to make so you can spend your money on important things like eggnog lattes at Starbucks! No need to thank me. Everything cost me a grand total of $12 and you can save even more if you get free tree clippings either from your tree or the seller. I wanted to re-use the embroidery hoop so I attached everything with fishing wire but feel free to use a glue gun to speed up the process.

DIY Scandinavian Style Wreath | Fish & BullMaterials
+ Embroidery Hoop
+ Ribbon
+ String
+ Greenery
+ Ornaments (varying sizes)
+ Scissors
+ Fishing wire


DIY Scandinavian Style Wreath | Fish & Bull

1.For the string portion, measure the length you want to hang. Cut your string double the length because you will fold it in half and attach it to the hoop.

2. Cut as many string pieces as you need and loop it around your hoop.

DIY Scandinavian Style Wreath | Fish & Bull

3. Attach branches of greenery, trimming as needed, to your hoop by tying it with fishing wire. You may want to flip your hoop over and work from the back so the fishing wire knots are hidden. I tied fishing wire to the top and bottom of branches to secure it in place.

4. Continue layering branches and filling in the empty spaces and secure it with fishing wire. Trim the extra fishing wire.

DIY Scandinavian Style Wreath | Fish & Bull

5. Cut a long piece of fishing wire to the width of your hoop. String ornaments of varying sizes on the wire.

6. Attach the wire to the hoop by tying it across like a clothesline. Make sure the wire is pulled somewhat tight so the ornaments don’t bunch in the middle.

DIY Scandinavian Style Wreath | Fish & Bull

7. To trim the string, separate the strings in two sections. Cut both sides on an angle like this / \

8. Attach ribbon to the top of the hoop and hang it up. Now admire your handy work!

DIY Scandinavian Style Wreath | Fish & BullDIY Scandinavian Style Wreath | Fish & Bull


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