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DIY Mini Zen Garden for Mother’s Day on Brit + Co

April 26, 2016

DIY Mini Zen Garden for Mother's Day on Brit + Co

Mother’s Day is coming up and this year I’m ready for it! If you’re looking for something fun to make your mom, why not try a DIY mini zen garden? It’s pink, cheerful and flamingo-filled! I know my mom likes to relax by playing games like Solitaire and Sudoku so I thought a mini zen garden would be right up her alley. You can find the decor sand at Michael’s which comes in a range of colors and then hop over to Brit + Co to see the rest. If you’ve never used a mini zen garden they’re just like adult coloring books — it has a calming and meditative effect when you want to rip someones head off. So it’s perfect for a mom! Ha, I kid! Head over to Brit + Co for the tutorial now.


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DIY Boho Bucket Bag on Brit + Co

April 25, 2016

DIY Boho Bucket Bag on Brit + Co

With summer coming up, we’re making lists of all the fun things we want to squeeze in and trips we want to take. Have you started thinking about your summer bucket list yet? We’ll probably skip music festivals this time around but that doesn’t mean we won’t be adventuring! If you’re hitting up a music festival or not, this DIY Boho Bucket Bag is the perfect casual bag to throw on and hit the road exploring! I shared how you can make your own on Brit + Co (and you won’t believe what I used for the fabric!).  It’s kind of perfect for dragging around on the beach or picnicking in the park because you don’t have to worry about keeping it clean and perfect. This bag’s easy, breezy, beautiful! Head over to Brit + Co for the full project.


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DIY Anthropologie Wall Organizer Hack on Brit + Co

DIY Anthropologie Wall Organizer Hack

Lately, I’ve been trying to organize the growing mountain of craft supplies that has taken over my “studio space” a.k.a our apartment. Even as a messy person, it was starting to drive me a little crazy and stifle my creativity (and that’s saying a lot!). I wish our home was always magazine-worthy but it almost never is so I needed an organization solution stat! When I saw this Anthropologie Hanging Desk Organizer ($328.00) it was exactly what I needed. If you head to Brit + Co, I created a DIY Anthropologie wall organizer hack that works just as well and the best part — NO power tools needed! This wall organizer has held up really well in my studio for the last few weeks and is so useful for storing clutter. If you want to get your clean on, go to Brit + Co for the how-to.



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DIY No Sew Water Bottle Tote on Brit + Co

April 15, 2016

DIY No-Sew Water Bottle Tote | Fish & BullThese past few weeks have been crazy with a capital C with craft projects all over the place! I’m trying to find a rhythm to posting on this blog consistently so if it seems wacky lately, just know that I suck at scheduling and I’m working on it. If you follow along on Instagram, you may have seen this DIY no sew water bottle tote I shared over on Brit + Co. It’s my first experiment with a no sew project — I skipped the sewing machine in favor of using hem tape and so far I’m loving the results. I don’t drink a lot of water normally so if you’re like me, a water bottle tote might motivate you to stay hydrated this summer. Check out the tutorial on Brit + Co now!


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DIY Anthropologie Acrylic Wall Art on Brit + Co

March 21, 2016

Make this $3600 Anthropologie Acrylic Wall Art for Less | Fish & BullMy favorite thing about art is that it’s so inclusive — despite what you’ve heard art is for everyone, not just fancy galleries! I’m a big believer that a beautiful painting or print can brighten your home instantly like fresh flowers or a nice rug. But if you’re on a budget like me buying art can be super expensive (and not an option) like this beautiful Anthropologie Studied Blush Wall Art ($3,598). So I came up with a 3-step Anthro hack for creating DIY acrylic wall art on Brit + Co and it works even if you have zero painting experience. With spring upon us, this DIY Anthropologie acrylic wall art is the perfect pastel color palette to refresh our home decor. The supplies cost me less than $10 which is a HUGE discount from the Anthropologie version! Head over to Brit + Co to see the simple steps for this DIY.


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DIY Half Moon Necklace on Brit + Co

March 20, 2016

DIY Anthropologie Half Moon Necklace | Fish & BullI’ve been on a spree of making style DIYs lately and I can’t stop (did you see this Iris Apfel inspired necklace?). This DIY Half Moon Necklace has to be one of my favorites because not only was it easy, it’s also an Anthropologie hack. If you love this beautiful Anthropologie Artifact Ceramic Necklace you might be interested to see how you can DIY your own at home. It just takes ONE material (spoiler alert: it’s oven bake clay). Is there anything you can’t make without oven-bake clay?! I shared the full how-to on Brit + Co so head on over. You can make this necklace with any colors you like and create wearable art for the spring!


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DIY Embellished Sequin Skirt on Brit + Co

March 8, 2016

DIY Embellished Sequin Skirt on Brit + Co | Fish & BullIt’s no secret that I love online window shopping and my credit card loves it too! It’s hard for me to commit to buying something I can’t see in person — maybe I’m just traditional, who knows. But sometimes I’ll find something like a Ruche Embellished Sequin Skirt that’s so beautiful it’s hard to resist an impulse buy. So what’s a DIYer to do? Make a DIY hack of course! If you head to Brit + Co, I shared how you can make your own DIY Embellished Sequin Skirt. It’s just in time to update your closets for the spring season yay! The affordable DIY copycat is simple enough if you know how to sew a button on a shirt. I don’t normally make style DIYs except for this one but hopefully you like seeing them because they’re so fun to make. Expect a few more in the future! Head over to see the sparkly skirt tutorial on Brit + Co now.


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DIY Iris Apfel inspired Statement Necklace on Brit + Co

February 17, 2016

DIY Iris Apfel inspired Statement Necklace on Brit + Co | Fish & BullRemember when we used to play dress-up as kids and it was the best thing ever? Now that I’m older, I’ve started playing it safe and sticking to the boring basics, fashion-wise. But fashion should be fun! So I made the ULTIMATE statement necklace inspired by legendary fashion icon, Iris Apfel. To add a little color to your closet this season, check out the DIY Iris Apfel inspired Statement Necklace over on Brit + Co now! It’s kinda nuts but goes perfectly with an LBD. If you haven’t heard of Iris Apfel, she’s a 93-year-old style queen with a huge collection of costume jewelry and a refreshing sense of humor about fashion. There’s a documentary about her, Iris on Netflix that I highly recommend! For the colorful DIY, head over to Brit + Co.



DIY Valentines Breakfast in Bed Tray on Brit + Co

February 1, 2016

How to DIY a Valentines Day Breakfast in Bed Tray on Brit + Co

With Valentine’s Day coming up (and falling on a Sunday!) I thought what better way to celebrate than sleep in and enjoy breakfast in bed! That’s true love to me. For an easy way to juggle your pancakes and extra servings of bacon, I shared a DIY Valentines Breakfast in Bed Tray over on Brit + Co. It’s SO easy and super fun to transform a plain Ikea tray into an abstract painted breakfast tray. Even if you have zero painting experience, you’ll feel like a regular Picasso once you try this DIY. Head over to Brit + Co now for the details.