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DIY Halloween Skull String Lights in Rose Gold

October 5, 2016

DIY Halloween Skull String Lights | Fish & Bull

Between summer and now, it seems like there’s never enough time to get ready for Halloween! Where did the time go? It’s always a last minute scramble to get all the pumpkins carved and a Halloween costume put together that looks half way decent. These DIY Halloween skull string lights (in rose gold!) are really easy to make so you can actually enjoy the holiday fun and quit stressing! read more

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DIY No-Carve Cosmic Pumpkins on Brit + Co

September 21, 2016

DIY No-Carve Cosmic Pumpkins on Brit + Co | Fish & BullThe fall season means there are pumpkins everywhere, big and small. Last year I decorated with mini pumpkin florals and this time around I’m sharing how you can make DIY No-Carve Cosmic Pumpkins on Brit + Co. These galaxy-inspired pumpkins are so easy to make and if you’re in a last minute rush on Halloween night, all you need is paint for this DIY — you can even change the color palette to whatever you have on hand. They’re a bit different than the usual fall pumpkins and that’s why I love them! Add some glow-in-the dark paint so your pumpkins shine as bright as a jack-o-lantern. Check out the full tutorial on Brit + Co.


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DIY Floral Doodle Pencil Cup

August 31, 2016

Create a DIY Floral Doodle Pencil Cup to keep your desk cute + clutter free | Fish & BullWhen you’re a craft blogger, hoarding supplies (not to mention props and photography stuff) can become a serious problem when you have nowhere to put it. Lately I’ve been wanting to wrangle the ever growing mess that is my bedroom studio space if only to avoid buying the same supplies over and over again!

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DIY Watercolor Wall Art on Brit + Co

August 21, 2016

Create this Anthropologie-inspired DIY watercolor wall art for your college dorm room

September marks the end of the summer, a new season and most importantly for some it’s the first month of school! I remember moving into a college dorm room one year and it was a real challenge to make it feel like home. Especially when you’re already missing home! AND it’s no secret that I love creating DIY wall art to brighten up any small space. Over on Brit + Co, I shared how to create DIY watercolor wall art for your college dorm room. It’s a budget-friendly Anthropologie hack so you can save your money for important things… like pizza. Hop over to Brit + Co for the quick dorm room decor idea.


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10 DIY Ideas for Back to School Organization

August 17, 2016

10 DIY projects for Back to school Organization

Ok guys, it’s that time of year again! If you’re heading back to school, sending your kids off or none of the above, with September right around the corner now’s the time to stock up on all the pretty stationery and office supplies. I’ve rounded up 10 DIY ideas for back to school organization so you can start the year off right. A few projects on the list (like a DIY makeup organizer) can be re-imagined for school supplies so don’t let that confuse you.

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DIY Update | Anthropologie Wall Organizer Hack

August 9, 2016

Update this DIY Anthropologie Wall Organizer Hack | Fish & Bull

The beginning of a new season always feels like a chance to hit refresh and start over. Even if you’re not headed back to school this fall, it’s time to get organized again and get into work mode! Do you guys remember the Anthropologie Wall Organizer I made for Brit + Co? It’s still one of my favorite DIYs —it was so easy to make (no power tools!) and it’s still going strong. I wanted to give my wall organizer a color upgrade to fit my style and repainting it was so simple.

If you want to give this DIY update a try, take a look at my tutorial for this Anthropologie wall organizer hack, if you haven’t already. It’s a simple project and it’s so useful for storing random clutter or cute little office supplies like washi tapes that are easy to lose. To give it a color update, you’ll need a paintbrush and acrylic paint in your chosen colors. So easy!

Update this DIY Anthropologie Wall Organizer Hack | Fish & BullLoad your paintbrush with your chosen color and paint a box, including the sides. You don’t need to use painters tape around the box — just paint carefully  and slowly to stay in the lines. You will need at least two coats of paint and you’re done.

Update this DIY Anthropologie Wall Organizer Hack | Fish & Bull

As a craft blogger, my work space is in need of a major intervention so I’m slowly adding more storage solutions. I’ll be sharing more DIYs with you so we can all organize our studios/workspace/dorm rooms together!

What do you guys think? I love how switching up the colors makes it feel fresh and way more my style!

Update this DIY Anthropologie Wall Organizer Hack | Fish & Bull



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DIY Flamingo Marquee Light on Brit + Co

July 28, 2016

DIY Flamingo Marquee Light on Brit + CoThere are two things that are ON FIRE right now — marquee lights and flamingos! So when I spotted this Flamingo Marquee Light ($50) I had to create a DIY copycat version on Brit + Co that was more, shall we say, budget-friendly. My version of the DIY Flamingo Marquee Light is a surprisingly simple project and I’m in love with the end result. It’s pink, it’s bright and it lights up my life! It’s all on Brit + Co.

Psst, have you seen my other DIY copycats? This wall art and this desk organizer is for those of you, like me, who have champagne taste on a beer budget.

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DIY Hawaiian Floral Hair Pins on Brit + Co

July 26, 2016

DIY Hawaiian Floral Hair Pins on Brit + Co

Aloha! Don’t you wish we were sipping piña coladas on an island right now?! Actually sipping piña coladas anywhere sounds good, I’m not picky. The bright florals of sunny Hawaii inspired these DIY Hawaiian floral hair pins I shared on Brit + Co. It’s the next best thing to making a floral crown which if you’ve ever tried it, is actually harder than it looks. Not these floral hair pins — they’re super easy and affordable and it’s a kid friendly craft too. A floral hair accessory you can wear all year round! Check it out on Brit + Co.


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DIY Portable Game Board on Brit + Co

July 25, 2016

DIY Portable Game Board on Brit + Co

Summer is all about camping trips, picnics in the park and sitting in the sunshine! It’s my favorite season for obvious reasons (hey that rhymes!) so I made a project to go along with it. This DIY portable game board on Brit + Co is the perfect companion to your outdoorsy adventures! We LOVE board games around here and this game board doubles as a tote so you can throw your essentials in. Talk about fun and functional. Catch the details for this super simple project on Brit + Co.